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Who are these Zoll people anyway?

No seriously, Zoll is a pretty unusual name, that's part of the reason we like it. Strangely,diferent members of our family pronounce it differently. Isn't that odd? Our dad died a couple years ago so now we have no definitive authority on the proper pronounciation. Of course, my sister think's she's right just because she has a degree in Linguistics?

There seem to be two major branches of the Zoll family in the US. There are the Zolls that settled in Massachusetts around 1906 and the Zoll's that settled in Ohio around 1833.

There are a few outstanding Zoll family members.

  • Paul Zoll - Inventers of one of the first pacemakers and defibrillation equiptment
  • Samual Zoll - Chief Justice of the Massachusetts District Courts
  • Estelle Zoll - Published Chemist
  • Daniel Zoll - Surgon

We're always looking to connect up with other Zolls and find out more about the family though. If you're a Zoll please check out our family tree


Hello and thank you for visiting our web site.

We would like to know if you are related to us and if so, could provide us with some information. We would appreciate any information you can offer, such as:

1. birth dates, marriage dates and death dates;

2. Location

3. Any connection to the existing Family tree;

4. brothers, sisters (and respective spouses, children);

5. If or how you are related to us;

6. if you are related, the birth dates etc of your grandparents (if different from ours),

7. brothers and sister, their (your) spouses, children, grandchildren:

8. and virtually, any other information you feel is important and are able to offer.

We will put all this information on our website along with the information we have collected from family members here in the states. You can write to me by visiting our website or by email at Craig@Zoll.org you have an email address please share it with us so that we will be able to correspond regularly. If you don't we will share information with you via the postal service. This is an exciting experience for us. We are all still trying to find the lineage link with them. Some of the information you provide us with may help us with this also. Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely hoping we are related,

Craig Zoll

What an odd last name, Where does it come from?

Bavaria, one of the oldest and most expansive of the German states, is the esteemed birthplace of the prominent Zoll family. After the 12th century, hereditary surnames were adopted according to fairly general rules and names that were derived from occupations were particularly common in this region. The family name Zoll is an occupational surname for toll-taker or tax gatherer. The Zoll family became landed aristocrats and they resided in an elegant feudal manor on a vast estate in Bavaria.

In the medieval period, very few people were literate and scribes often recorded names as they sounded rather than according to uniform spelling rules. As a result of the multitude of local dialects in Germany, it was entirely possible that a name would even change between father and son. Additionally, the German language was divided into the linguistically distinct dialects of High and Low German. High German has become the standard modem German language, whereas Low German is linguistically closer to Dutch. Many German surnames may be recognized as belonging to a particular region by their suffixes. It was also common in Germany to add phrases to a name, in order to express something about a person's place of origin, religious background, or character. Thus, German surnames are distinguished by scores of regional spelling variations. Some of the spellings found were Zoller, Zolner, Zollner, Zoller, Zoll, Zoellner, Zoeller and Zollner.

The development of surnames in Germany occurred much later than in Italy, Britain, or France. During the Middle Ages, the practice of adopting hereditary surnames began in southern areas and gradually spread northward. The first hereditary surnames in German-speaking regions were found in the second half of the 12th century when the nobility began to call themselves after their ancestral seats. Among the citizens, surnames were not adopted until the 14th century and did not become stabilized, universal, or fixed in form from one generation to another until the 18th century, when Emperor Joseph 11 decreed that all people throughout the Empire were to assume surnames. The first records of the surname Zoll were found in the town Eger on the border between Bavaria and Bohemia. Although the name Zoll originated in Bavaria, it branched into many houses and became located in Amberg in Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland during the Middle Ages. The earliest records of the name date back to the 14th century, when Hartman der Zoller resided in Ernmerdingen and Johann Vryenstat der czoellner lived in Liegnitz, Silesia. In the late Middle Ages, the status and financial holdings of the Zoll family was increased by marrying with distinguished families such as the Klick and Taufkirchen-Engelburg families. They were later raised to the ranks of the nobility as barons in 1671, and a Saxon branch of the family was ennobled when Gottlieb Zoellner, an officer, was honored in 1822.

The great European flow of migration to North America, which began in the middle of the 17th century and continued into the 20th century, was particularly attractive to those from Bavaria who wished to escape either poverty or religious persecution. For many Bavarian farmers, the chance to own one's own land proved to be a major incentive. The process of the widespread colonization of the United States began in 1650, when many immigrants from Germany settled in pockets in Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Illinois, and California. In Canada, German settlement centered around Ontario and the Prairie provinces.

As cited by Family Heritage Deluxe

Ancestors of

Welcome to my web site! Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.

Table of Contents

bullet  Pedigree Chart for Craig Zoll
bullet  Surname List
bullet  Index of Names
bullet  Sources (Bibliography)

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I have been a consultant for all of my career. While I have been in various roles I have always looked for ways to enhance anything, processes, features, cost, MTBF, design and other things. I have always been a tecnogeek. When I was growing up I was always playing. I build my first robot when I was 14 and my first Computer at 15. Sometimes my projects worked out and sometimes they didn't. My mother would frequently ask me "Craig, why did all the lights in the house go out?", "Craig why is xxx taken apart". Well I always got the light back on and the xxx put back together, (with only a few screws left over).

I have found the the story of the shoe makers children is apt in concern of this web site. When I started working developing this web site I had all sorts of grandiose plans. They included CSS, CGI, asp, Java, layers, javascript, Weather stations, home automation, and IPCam's. Unfortunately the demands of having a girlfriend, being a home owner, having to work, making a living infringed on my doing more. This is what you get when you have to have a life besides computers. So here it is just very plain. Just the basics.





24 Years of Business/Technical experience in Consulting, 19 Years experience of Architecting IT Infrastructures, 17 years of experience in full life cycle, enterprise-level application architectures and projects, development and integration, and delivering multi-tiered applications.  Lead technical phases for many complex initiatives, including identifying team & vendor structures, architecting scalable solutions and negotiating pricing structures.  Developed and delivered technical materials for pre-sales, oral presentations, contract negotiations and discovery sessions leading to approximately $40M of revenue throughout consulting tenure.


Skills Profile

  • Experience working for multi-year, multi-million dollar projects
  • ITIL Experienced, MCP, Maximo, Lagan, Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications
  • Experienced with CRM packages Kana, Pegasystems,  Salesforce, MS Dynamics (CRM), Siebel, SAP, PeopleSoft, Magic, Maximo, Lagan
  • Call Center Infrastructure Strategy, Avaya, Genesys, Cisco IPCC, ACD Design, IVR Architecture & Scripting
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Real Application Clusters Advanced
  • Experience working with all levels of the enterprise



Dain Solutions, Inc.

Financial Services Company - Hartford, CT – Sr. Technical Architect                 May 2009 – Present

  • Sr. Technical Architect for financial services company performing an IT separation (Corporate Divestiture) project.
  • Designed technology separation requirements to create new infrastructure replicating existing services provided by  the parent company. Delivered a technical solution and implementation plan for a comprehensive solution involving: Remote access; Citrix; SQL; Lotus Domino/Notes; proprietary software; Network services; Backup and Data recovery; Server Virtualization; Vendor Hosting Services; Application Services; Security; Desktop and Server Management; HW & SW Certification.
  • Recommended an option that offered the least risk to the client, was the least costly in the long term, could be done faster, and provided the flexibility and scalability to support future growth.  As a result of the analysis, the client decided to move forward with the recommended solution.


BearingPoint (formerly KPMG, KPMG Consulting)

Consulting Manager                                                                               May 1996-May 2009

USAID – Amman, Jordan – Solution Lead                                        January 2009 – March 2009

  • Recommended technology solutions to address new market segments and determine where to leverage technology clustering effects in Jordan.
  • Assessed sector wide training and certification requirements; recommended subsidy options.
  • Estimated impact of training on sector competitiveness and growth potential.
  • Assessed existing six leading call centers in Jordan.
  • Assessed the Country’s (Jordan) network conductivity including microwave links, submarine communications cable system, and beachheads.
  • Created implementation strategy for Business Process Outsourcing.
  • The technology solution recommended and then implemented resulted in the client being able to quickly release an RFP for outsourcing a new government training plan, deploy a new internet backbone, and improve overall use of technology throughout USAID.


City of Toronto – Toronto, ON – 3-1-1 Sr. Technical Architect    September 2007 – December 2008

  • Developed strategy for pre-sales, orals, and final contract negotiations with the City of Toronto leading to a $38M project for BearingPoint.
  • Managed team of 25 people in 5 tracks (EAI, Infrastructure, Telephony, Application, Project management) for design, development, and  implementation of various system components within Toronto’s 311 platform.
  • Technical solution for the 311 project ( Non-Emergent Government services) included architecture, deployment and infrastructure design using multi-platforms and operating systems for CRM, telephony, infrastructure and workforce management (WFM), forecasting, contact logging/monitoring, quality assurance components and applications. involving: Cisco IPCC, Call Manager, IPIVR, Verent (Workforce optimization, coaching, Customer Survey, eLearning, Performance Management, Quality Monitoring, Recording, Speech Analytics, Desktop Management), Lagan (Front Office, Back office,  Self Service, Knowledge Management SOA EAI), Symon, WebMethods, WebSphere ND, Aphache Tomcat, JBoss, HP Openview, MOM
  • The recommended solution saved customer ~$10M in hardware and software implementation costs by using VM ESX, MSDN subscriptions and other infrastructure changes to defray implementation costs.


Penoles – Torreon, MX – Technical Lead                                                   January 2007 – August 2007

  • Served as Technical Lead for Maximo Optimization project.  Conducted site surveys, organized and directed hardware installations, assessed and documented current site network configuration and user requirements, designed and optimized existing network topologies, and assisted with purging of archive data from client database.
  • As a result, network performance increased by over a 100%, the client improved the timeliness of installation of hardware, and network costs were reduced by approximately multiple years.


Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village– New York, NY – Technical Lead August 2005 – May 2007

Rose Associates,

  • Provided Enterprise resource planning and management processes expertise, including but not limited to: knowledge management, investment analysis, data warehousing,  return on investment analysis, human resource analysis, material management and logistics, supply chain management, procurement, ordering,  manufacturing, decision support, and information dissemination.
  • Designed and implemented level 3 switched mobile network (GSM, and 802.11) and telephony infrastructure using handheld devices (Symbol).
  • Developed business case for outsourcing infrastructure.
  • Assisted with Business Process Management (BPM) improvements
  • Managed outsourced hosting for applications and developed new Data Center design.
  • Facilitated selection and configuration of new facilities management application (Maximo, Websphere).
  • As a result of analysis, the customer saved $1.2M per year in hardware and services by implementing a meshed network infrastructure.


UMUC – Adelphi, MD – Technical Lead                                                         October 2003 – June 2005

University of Maryland University College

  • Served as Technical Lead for University of Maryland Process re-engineering, Telephone replacement, Student portal, Acceptance automation, projects with the goal of improving technical implementations across the university.
  • Created strategic action plan for technology implementation of their marketing strategy, applied business process improvement practices to re-engineer methodologies and principles and business process modernization projects, and applied activity and data modeling, transaction flow analysis, internal control and risk analysis and modern business methods and performance measurement techniques
  • As a result, the client saved $2.3M in telephony costs by planning, designing and implementing a new phone switch and VoIP solution.  In addition, the client saved $6M for their Content Management System by Planning and Designing an Optical Character recognition and portal system. Improved student application acceptance time by 70%.


JP Morgan Chase Manhattan – San Diego, CA – Technical Lead       March 2003 – September 2004

•     Served as Technical Lead for Predictive Dialer replacement, project for JP Morgan Chase Manhattan.  Analyzed existing predictive dialer system (Meleta) and implemented new Mosaics dialer solution, interfaced the new dialing solution with 3 credit bureaus for dynamic dialing scenarios.

    • As a result of the implementation and recommendations, the client saw an increase to their sales funnel of 22%, and an decrease in the time to contact prospective customers of .600%.


BearingPoint Infra Establishment – Boston, MA – Sr. Tech Architect July 2002 – September 2004

  • Served as Senior Technical Architect for BearingPoint Infrastructure Establishment project.  Provided technical and business process expertise to improve enterprise infrastructure. 
  • Developed independent infrastructure for 18,000 person company using HR and PeopleSoft modules.
  • Designed, architected and managed the implementation of bar code expense tracking and imaging system which integrated directly to PeopleSoft.
  • As a result, BearingPoint saved $17M a year by re-designing expense tracking by implementing a new CMS system and imaging solution for 21,000 US employees.


Boeing People Organization – Seattle, WA – Technical Architect             February 2001 – May 2002

  • Developed strategy for pre-sales, orals, and prepared final presentation and proposal leading to win of $4M Boeing Call Center engagement for BeaingPoint.
  • Managed outsourcing contract negations with 4 outside venders
  • Conducted analysis of current call center architecture and processes, developed strategy for improvement to the current business model, consolidated HR information and service delivery for 450,000+ employees via decentralizing in-house HR administrators, utilizing a central shared services group, and three external benefit providers.
  • Served as  principle architect of eContact Center solution, consisting of best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management application integration. The solution included using self help tier zero IVR, contact routing knowledge sources and three tiers of support for an integrated multi-channel contact center.
  • Due to the recommended solution, the client implemented a “best-of-breed” Customer Relationship Management application integrated with the self help tier zero knowledge sources and three tiers of support utilizing an integrated multi-channel contact center.



BearingPoint – Additional Projects and Clients                                                                  Prior to 2000

•     UUNet eCommerce Strategy, CoinMach, GE Capital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AOL, USPS, MCI Worldcoms’ Operations Support, Cisco Systems’ Global Technical Assistance Center, Kentucky's Electronic Workplace for Employment Services, Social Security Administration, Executone, DataImage, Organon Teknika


Education :

University of Hartford                                                                                                                   May 1984

Bachelor of Arts in Electric Engineering Technology minor Computer Science and Psychology




Certificates :

Six Sigma Green Belt

Extracorporeal Blood Treatment


Certifications :

  • Microsoft certifications

063: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows 98

046: Networking with Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

044: Networking Essentials

043: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51

067: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0

042: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51

073: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0

026: System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 6.5

076 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0

053: Internetworking Microsoft® TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT (3.5-3.51)

8018: Customer Relationship Management Installation & Configuration 

8019: CRM 1.2 Applications Professional

8020: Customer Relationship Management 1.2 Customization

2152: Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server

2151: Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Additional Microsoft Classes attended

Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment

Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional

  • Maximo

MXES Consultant Training for EAM

MXES Immersion Training for EAM

  • Vignette

Records & Documents Foundation (4.4)

Application Portal Site Administration Foundation

  • Avaya

AVA00170WEN - Avaya Media Servers and Gateways

AVA00277WEN - Install and Initialize Indoor Wireless Solutions

AVA00279WEN - Communication Manager - Configuring Basic Features

AVA00298WEN - Analyze and Resolve Problems in Simple Converged Solutions

AVA00533WEN - Customer Interaction Suite

  • Cisco

Cisco System Administration

Cisco ICM

Cisco Intro to CTI

  • Intro / Advanced Vantive Object Studio 8
  • Siebel

Using Siebel

Siebel Server Administration

Siebel Remote Administration

  • Kana Installation and Integration
  • Lagan

Product Overview

CRM Business Configuration

CRM Scriptflow

Advanced Configuration


BI Fundamentals

BI Advanced

  • Filenet

ECM Essentials

P8 Fundamentals





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They are all people but some have two legs and others four

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My resume mostly up to date.

My digital media career:

I started with Delphi Internet, no link for that, 'cause it ain't really around anymore. The main thing it did for me was get me to NYC where things really heated up:

Scientific American


New York Times (online)

Nascent State the best, yet smallest and least known, of the lot.

My temperment according to Keirsey (How about yours?)

Itinerary (for the last trip I took in November 1998)


Shara Zoll

Summary A project management specialist with over seven years experience successfully applying business goals to emerging technologies. Skilled in relationship management and multi-disciplinary team leadership. Well-versed in project management methodology. Strong knowledge of business and operational aspects of running a large, content-driven website. Special interest in the linguistic, cultural and technical challenges presented by Web development for an international audience.

07/2001 - 07/2002 Nascent State NY, NY

Senior Project Manager (www.nascentstate.com)
· Managed internal design and production teams
· Managed website development from conception to launch - including multilingual projects
· Created information architecture for web development projects for clients such as Lexmark International.
· Developed new business prospects, wrote and edited proposals and contracts.
· Served as lead client contact for daily project management· Worked closely with CEO and CCO on new service initiatives
· Conducted research and created company policy for Section 508 web disability compliance
· Managed establishment and marketing of independent Usability Lab facility
· Researched and wrote usability test methodology and recruited test subjects
· Conducted usability evaluations (interviews)


04/2000-04/2001 New York Times Digital (NYTd) NY, NY

Senior Project Manager, Email and Multiplatform Distribution (www.nytimes.com)
· Managed ongoing systems support of nightly section subscription emails and new development of 10 original weekly newsletters for a subscriber base of over 3 million addressees
· Managed process flow for manual editorial, marketing, and advertising bulk mailings totaling over 17 million messages per month
· Managed million dollar integration project for e-marketing automation software solution (Annuncio). Coordinated in- and out-of-house resources to assess and fulfill needs of stakeholders within all major departments. Drafted project documents and administered multidisciplinary project plan encompassing multiple database integration, Java servlet development, and incorporation with existing software (Realmedia OAS) for dynamic ad serving, reporting and tracking
· Managed wap.nytimes.com, the first-ever wireless content offering by The New York Times, from RFP to launch, overseeing outside vendor I3 Mobile, for Business Development Department
· Oversaw teams of Perl, CGI, Java, JSP, and XML developers and DBAs for NYTd email and distribution systems (Unix Sun Solaris and Oracle based)
· Administered 365-day/year SGML archive feed of The New York Times newspaper for national and international http retrieval
· Managed feeds through external distribution vendor Screaming Media for more than 20 New York Times partners, including Altavista, AvantGo, Britannica, Harvard, Intuit, Microsoft Network, NBCi, Ogilvy Mather, Omnisky, Palm VII, Skytel, University of Pennsylvania, and Yahoo
· Managed project to build in-house XML feeds and subsequent efforts to achieve full XML compliance
· Oversaw migration of distribution systems to Open Market System/IPS
· Wrote and coordinated documentation of all above on Information Technology intranet
· Worked with Project Management Group to revamp and reestablish project management process, procedures, and conception cross departmentally


11/1999-07/2001 World Seido Karate Organization - Honbu (Headquarters) NY, NY

Web Developer (www.seido.com)
· Major visual and informational architecture redesign using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Perl, and Java Script
· Ongoing development, maintenance, and upkeep of site
· Maintain contact with affiliated dojos worldwide
· Coordinate periodic volunteer resources for further development


04/1998-04/2000 PR Newswire Jersey City, NJ

Manager, Investor Relations Web Services (www.prnewswire.com/viq_main.shtml)
· Led technology side effort to bring an Investor Relations web product (Virtual IQ) to market. Defined requirements for product and coordinated product implementation impact on existing technical infra-structure
· Defined Virtual IQ department by hiring and managing a multidisciplinary staff of 8 including programmers, producers and designers
· Oversaw continued development (Perl, XML and Java) in Windows NT and Unix environments as well as Y2K compliance efforts.
· Exceeded year-end product revenue projections by 100%

Senior Project Manager/International Web Master (www.prni.com)
· Localized PR Newswire International site into five new languages using external vendor Alis Technologies
· Managed Java development for multilingual affiliate feeds to expand site from marketing vehicle to dynamic source of rich news content
· Worked with international affiliates to develop underlying transfer mechanisms, coordinate technical integration and control content creation and accuracy


05/1996-03/1998 Scientific American Magazine NY, NY

Manager of Online Production (www.sciam.com)
· Webmaster - coordinated content, workflow, production, and artwork for weekly updates to sciam.. Developed site to 3,000+ pages receiving over one million hits/month during its first year
· Oversaw web & mail related changes to Borderware firewall
· Hosted six affiliate publishing sites on same server
· Researched & implemented new technologies
· Administered Netscape Web Server, Netgravity, RealAudio, Excite Search Engine, Listserv, CGI scripts and BSDi box
· Produced dynamic statistical site reporting utilizing Webtrends software
· Developed and managed relationships with outside vendors, ISPs, editorial content providers and consultants


01/1994-02/1996 MCI/Newscorp Joint Online Venture (Delphi Internet Online Service) NY, NY/Cambridge, MA

Associate Producer/Editor
· Edited submissions from freelance review staff
· Editorial liaison to technical development team for iGuide Search Engine
· Initiated HTML editorial style guide for in-house editorial staff
· Responsible for uniformity and quality of material prior to World Wide Web publication
· Reviewed World Wide Web sites

Editorial Assistant (www.delphi.com)
· Maintained VMS text-based service utilizing minor FORTRAN and Textrieve programming
· Liaison to external and corporate information providers, Member Services, Delphi Software Engineers, and affiliate companies
· Developed and implemented new content geared especially for women on the Internet

Internet Member Services Representative
· Provided technical and administrative support for Internet service customers via telephone, email, and on-line forums
· Responsible for maintenance of PDN phone access lists for in-house and customer use


Learning Tree International - Professional Training

Software Project Planning and Management exam pased 02/2000
NT 4: Hands-On 11/1997
UNIX Server Administration: Hands-On 10/1997

The University of Chicago,

Joint Degree Program in Linguistics AB and AM received 05/92
Knowledge and Interests
· Project Management (Microsoft Project) · Linguistics
· Internet & Wireless Technologies
(UNIX, vi, ftp, http, xml, HDML, WAP)
· Seido Karate - Black Belt (Shodan)
· Customer Service · Swing dance
· Sales · Member: New Amsterdam Singers www.nasingers.org
· Technical writing · Teaching


· French (fluent)
· Italian
· Russian
· Mandarin
· American Sign Language
· Japanese

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Content 1


My working practice is rooted in the local environment.
Combinations of images focus on the detail of what there is around us and build a portrait of our surroundings. I hope to illustrate a community’s interaction with its living space.

Tiny sagas present themselves throughout my work and hint at the very transitory nature of human attention. Care is bestowed or withheld in an instant even though its evidence can be seen smeared across countless timescales.

The space between places fascinates me due to our inherent lack of expectation in it. Intentional destinations, conversely become loaded with anticipation and opportunities for disappointment.

A discarded photo album, a half sucked sweet and a wastegrounded front garden create taxonomies of unplanned human activity. We live in amongst these narratives, they play out around our feet and over our heads every day.

By highlighting what happens around us I hope to reawaken our appreciation of what community can be.


© Daisy Zoll 2007


Content 2


- striking wedding photography
 cambridge t-shirts

- t-shirts from in and around cambridge;

 cambridge open art space - cambridge fringe exhibition for artists ;  
 mill road website - community website providing information about the Mill Road area



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